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Dear Buddy,

The world seems to get crazier every day. Even before the pandemic things seemed to be moving faster. It wasn't so long ago there was righteous gnashing of teeth about people sharing pictures of their dinner on social media. Fast forward a few short years and my cat has a fairly substantial Instagram following.

It's a reminder that the craziness will always be there, sometimes more obvious than others, and we've got to learn to take it all in our stride or it'll trip us up and we'll be left behind.

But enough philosophy for now. Let's get to the news.

 "Genius is two percent inspiration, ninety-eight percent perspiration."

- Thomas Edison


Amazon put their foot down on price gouging sellers...but not themselves?

The concept of supply and demand has driven business and decided prices since the dawn of time. If you've got something not many people have and lots of people need it, it's only sensible to increase the price.

Amazon doesn't think so. They've clarified that 'price gouging' isn't allowed from sellers, despite the fact they're pretty happy to do it with their own products. Listings can and will be deactivated if your products are breaching the rules, even though the crawlers that are supposed to detect gouging are...how can I put this nicely...overly strict?

Check out the full article below.

Read more here

Heading to the High Street, Amazon Style

Potentially dangerous news for all you clothes sellers out there - Amazon are launching their own actual physical clothes shop. The first one is going to be in California and will have lots of fancy gadgets like hand scanners and touch screens in the changing rooms.

It seems like the plan is to have a big warehouse full of changing rooms where shoppers order the clothes to try on and the staff bring them. Basically like a VR game without the V.

Amazon says of it: "We're so excited to offer a shopping experience that inspires discovery and combines the best of shopping on Amazon.com with the benefit of touching and trying on items to ensure a great fit."

They haven't revealed which brands will be available just yet. Hopefully they'll put yours in stock!

Check out the full story

Listing suspensions taken care of

Whether you're experienced or new to the game, there are always those stomach butterflies fluttering around at the thought of a suspended listing. A suspended listing means lost revenue. Sometimes a lot of it. And there's not always a simple fix.

As our regular readers know, we put huge value on feedback from our clients. Check out this video where Lisa talks about how Seller Candy was her team in the background that she used to take the pressure off when she was starting out.

How having a team in the background can help you focus on your Amazon growth

The Legendary OA Challenge with Chris Grant

As you know we always try to reserve a section of this newsletter for stuff that's going to give you, the reader, a leg up in your Amazon business. Anything from sourcing to selling, as long as it benefits you. There has rarely been such a fitting offering as what we have this week.

If you're an aspiring Amazon seller, just getting started, or have experience with online arbitrage and want to learn more about the model, our pal Chris Grant runs an AMAZING course which is good for all levels of experience.

It starts on 7th February. 14 straight days of learning OA, Keepa, manual sourcing, TA, and tonnes of bonuses. You've got to check out the offer. There's a $50 discount until 24th January so take a look and see what you think, you definitely won't regret it. Chris is an awesome person and teacher.

Learn more

That's all he wrote folks and may your sales be high and your returns low!


Partnership Manager and skittish newsletter writer at Seller Candy

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