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Steve: The Supplement Seller

Steve has and established Private Label brand on Amazon. He makes more than $100,000 per year on his best product! He even has a virtual assistant to help him with customer service, 3PL logistics, and all the busywork that goes into Amazon Selling.

Now that Steve has a taste of success, he wants to develop more products, and find more big winners. But for some reason, all of his time is taken up with his current products. This leaves all of his growth projects untouched.

The storefront that hasn’t been made, the variations he wants to add, A/B testing with new images and 100 other growth ideas take a back seat daily to hours of time spent in the Amazon ecosystem “figuring stuff out.” Steve’s VA isn’t an Amazon expert and therefore cannot solve the most delicate of problems.

The day Steve finds Seller Candy, what he really wanted was to fix one major issue he’d been working on for month: His Brand storefront doesn’t work properly, and half the products aren’t on there, even though they are of the same brand.

Seller Candy works this out in a number of days and the brand store is fixed. After realizing the power of expert help, he starts to unload all of the “tasks in waiting” that have been building for years, and Seller Candy knocks them out 1 by 1.

Three weeks later Steve finds a big winner, and adds another 250,000 per year in revenue from a single SKU. What’s next for Steve?