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Customer Success Story: Sarah Goggins

“The biggest win for me is being free from the daunting task of dealing with Seller Central. Seller Candy is ready to help in any way possible, and they go above and beyond. They have done some things that I never even thought of.”

Sarah’s Results 

  • Time savings of up to one day a week
  • More time to focus on growing the business
  • No more administrative worries
  • Free to decide on and source new products

How Seller Candy helped Sarah find more time to grow her business

  • An expert team that understands Amazon policies
  • Up to date information on the most efficient way to process claims and disputes
  • Knowledge of optimizations that can be made within your seller account
  • Advice about avoiding potential issues in the future

What were the challenges you had before you started working with Seller Candy?

My name is Sarah Goggins, and I have been selling on Amazon for almost three years. Seller Central is not a fun place for me to hang out. I do not like processing all the cases, and it was very daunting. 

There are many intricacies behind each type of case, like refunds, looking at your inventory, resolving shipment issues, or dealing with IP complaints. 

There are just so many different types of cases, and I was finding it overwhelming with our business structure which is retail arbitrage. I do most of the shopping, while my husband does the prepping and the shipping. 

I do some of the prepping as well, but the shopping takes the majority of my time. Finding the time to get more products and do sourcing online meant sacrificing the time I needed to deal with the backend of the business. 

What was your eureka moment?

I think the moment I understood the benefits of Seller Candy was when I reached out to Brian, one of the owners. 

I wondered what I could be missing regarding the type of cases I could put in and what kind of help I would get from them.

He got me on a call with Arvin, who explained more and made me realize the full range of issues they could help me resolve. I understood there was so much I hadn’t begun to tap into. 

How did Seller Candy help you?

I just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t have to think about all of these minor issues in seller Central anymore. 

Now, these problems consume a very brief moment in time. Previously, I had to set my entire Friday aside as an admin day! 

In general, I am now much more stress-free. It is day and night from five months ago. Now I can concentrate more on the profit-making side of our business, which is looking for more products. 

We make our money by finding new products, so it means a lot for me to have that time back.

Would you recommend Seller Candy?

I would recommend Seller Candy, especially for businesses that have passed their one-year mark. 

By that stage, you should know that this is what you want to do and are established. It should be clear that the business is growing and working, so you need to figure out how to outsource some tasks.

Seller Candy is definitely great for sellers looking for growth and need time and freedom to make it happen. This service is a great way to outsource and get stuff off your plate.