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Customer Success Story: Lana Efremova & Dmitri Betaneli

“The time spent on account management has been reduced for me. Seller Candy is educating us about how to deal with Amazon, and that is something that we had not expected.”

Lana and Dmitri’s Results 

  • Savings of two to three days of work per week
  • Optimizations to listings
  • More success receiving responses from Amazon
  • More time to focus on core business functions

How Seller Candy helped Lana & Dmitri reduce the time spent managing their account

  • On-demand support from experts
  • Account audits to catch problems proactively
  • Help processing reimbursements
  • Optimization of listings

What were the challenges you had before you started working with Seller Candy?

My name is Lana, and I do e-commerce on Amazon with my husband and business partner, Dmitri. Running an Amazon seller account is a big thing.

There is always something going on, like missing items, customer issues, reimbursements, and problems with listings. A big part of our job is account management.

The most challenging thing for me was how long it took for Amazon to respond and that they did not seem to understand the problem.

I would spend a lot of time explaining what was going on, and then they would change the customer service agent, forcing me to start over. 

The whole process was so time-consuming that we could never address all the issues that came up. We like Seller Candy because they can do the stuff we don’t have time for.

What was your eureka moment?

We first tested Seller Candy with simple things that we know how to do ourselves to check their capabilities. They were successful and in a shorter timeframe than it would typically take us.

Then we tried out some things that we could not do ourselves or did not even know were possible until Seller Candy made us aware of them. 

It has been great having Seller Candy help us with this full range of issues and advise us on how to improve our processes.

How did Seller Candy help you?

Seller Candy saves us lots of time. We have calculated the time savings to be around two to three working days per week.

The team at Seller Candy are good at product reimbursement, negative feedback removal, and chasing Amazon for responses. 

The whole concept is unique. They have a lot of expertise selling on Amazon and can share that information to help your business.

We have found a lot of value in their knowledge base and their ability to complete tasks for us.

Would you recommend Seller Candy?

Anyone who wants to focus on bringing actual revenues rather than account management would benefit from using Seller Candy. 

By using proven professionals to deal with Amazon Seller Support, I have released my own time and can use it in different, more productive ways.