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Customer Success Story: David LaCroix

“I have read a lot of horror stories about people getting suspended for Account Health issues. Whenever I got them before, it would immediately ruin my day. I would need to pull a bunch of receipts or invoices, come up with a whole appeal, and send that to Amazon. Now when I get one, it is way less stressful because all I have to do is let Seller Candy know and they will take care of it. The number one thing is the stress it has removed from my life. ”

David’s Results 

  • Complex issues resolved quickly
  • Significant time savings over dealing with Seller Central himself
  • More time to dedicate to product research
  • Peace of mind that professionals at dispute resolution are on the case

How Seller Candy helped David manage Amazon Seller Central disputes

  • An expert team 
  • Years of experience working with sellers and Amazon
  • Up to date information on the best techniques for resolving disputes
  • On-demand dispute resolution

What were the challenges you had before you started working with Seller Candy?

My name’s David LaCroix, and I started selling on Amazon in 2016. We primarily sell via online and retail arbitrage with some wholesale mixed in as well. 

Dealing with Account Health issues has been the biggest challenge for me. I keep track of my responses and which appeals work, but what used to work doesn’t anymore. 

You have to constantly be following up with Amazon until they accept the evidence you give them. We will send them something they don’t accept, and then we send the same thing, and they do!

There is not much consistency, and especially when you’re managing hundreds of products at a time, there’s always something going wrong.

Constantly following up and keeping track of all the cases is just a huge time suck, and also, it’s very stressful.

What was your eureka moment?

It’s nice to know that when an issue pops up, all I have to do is head over to the Seller Candy portal, write a couple of sentences, and paste in the ASIN. 

Before, I was stressing out gathering all the information that Amazon wanted. The comfort of knowing that Seller Candy deals with these issues as their full-time job is very comforting.

They are keeping up with what strategies work, and they help other sellers, so they know from experience what works and what doesn’t. 

How did Seller Candy help you?

With Seller Candy, I could buy back a lot of my time, allowing me to focus more on what I’m good at, which is finding products to sell. I can focus more on what I prefer to do, and it helps me make more in the long run.

Would you recommend Seller Candy?

I would recommend Seller Candy. Once you get to the point where you are spending, let’s say, 10 hours a week, dealing with Seller Central, you need to ask if that time would be better spent elsewhere. 

If the answer is yes, it is a great resource to have. Using Seller Candy will mean you no longer have to deal with Seller Central.