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Customer Success Story: Daniel Smolski

“If I hadn’t found Seller Candy, I don’t think I would have been able to grow the business to the point that I have. I would have spent a lot more time dedicated to resolving Amazon Seller Support problems, so without Seller Candy, my business definitely wouldn’t be where it is.”

Daniel’s Results

  • More time to focus on his business
  • Disputes resolved in a timely manner
  • Less employee time spent on Amazon disputes
  • No stress of working with Seller Support

How Seller Candy helped Daniel grow his FBA business?

  • A skilled team of Amazon experts
  • Quick turnaround on issues and disputes
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Multiple communication channels to keep you updated

What were the challenges you had before you started working with Seller Candy?

My name’s Daniel, I’m from Toronto, and I have been selling on Amazon since January 2019. My biggest fear is dealing with Amazon Seller Support.

You end up spending hours just spinning your wheels trying to get answers. Seller Support isn’t helpful a lot of the time, so it’s hours wasted.

I also had no experience in communicating with Amazon Seller Central and the best method to use. Things like whether you should message through a case or by email.

Dealing with Amazon seller Central was always a struggle for me. It was just extremely time-consuming. Instead of focusing on growing the business, I would spend hours dealing with Amazon Seller Support.

Did you have any doubts about using Seller Candy?

When you take on any new service provider, there’s always hesitation, especially when you’re providing them access to your Seller account.

I did have a kick-off meeting with a couple of the employees of Seller Candy. This reassured me that they knew what they were doing, and I was comfortable giving them access.

I decided to try the service and see how they could manage a few issues. Seller Candy was very successful with the first couple of issues we had and got them resolved efficiently.

What was your eureka moment?

I knew I had done the right thing working with Sellar Candy quickly because they could provide results. They are results-oriented, and they keep pushing until we get a satisfactory resolution.

A lot of times, when we deal with Seller Support, they like to close tickets as quickly as possible, without even answering your inner issue.

I knew I had made the right decision to use Seller Candy when they showed that just because the ticket is closed, it doesn’t mean the issue has been resolved.

They kept pushing and pushing until we were satisfied with the results. Seller Candy is quick to act when a case is raised. They provide updates frequently, so I know things are being worked on.

Seller Candy also provides a high-level overview of the approach they are taking to resolve the problem, which gives me comfort that progress is being made.

I had issues in the past where cases could drag on for days or even weeks without a resolution. With Seller Candy, I know they’re working on it, and the problems tend to get resolved much quicker than when I used to do it myself.

How did Seller Candy help you?

I think the most significant impact of working with Seller Candy is that they have taken away the burden of dealing with Seller Support.

I have to dedicate a lot fewer resources like mine or my employees’ time to get problems solved. It has allowed me to spend that time growing my business rather than dealing with Seller Support issues.

The biggest benefit has been the time that I’ve gotten back; that’s been a huge saving. Seller Candy’s expertise is also valuable. They just know how to get problems resolved.

Would you recommend Seller Candy?

I would recommend Seller Candy because of the benefits they provide. You are getting a team that is dedicated and focused on dealing with Seller Support.

They have the expertise and know-how to handle Seller Support problems. 99% of the time, Seller Candy has had to deal with the same problem for a different client, so they knew exactly how to tackle it.

Seller Candy knows how to approach an issue and understands the communication channel needed for a quick resolution.