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Now an Official Amazon Service Provider!

Barbara: The New Successful Flipper

Barbara learned FBA from her friend, and she now does retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and is even considering wholesale. She sold 50,000 last year in total, but this year she sold $25,000 in January alone! She has a successful business hoisted on her almost immediately — and even quicker, she is buried in the massive increase in “Operational issues.” Listings being suspended, customers making a fuss, shipments with more and more lost items.

She doesn’t know how to hire or train people, and isn’t even considering that. She needs problems solved for her, and minimal support, so she can handle her growing business without getting lost in the weeds, spending every day confused and angry that Amazon Seller Support just will not do what she asks, and even their replies to her thoughtful emails are canned/generated responses.

Barbara signs up for seller candy, and in the morning when she receives the dreaded “Your Amazon Account” email, instead of the whole day being wasted, she copies and pastes the alert to our team, and we start working on the issue. She receives a notification the next day, and her issue is solved. Back to product sourcing she goes.