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Now an Official Amazon Service Provider!

Arty: The Empire Builder

Arty received a $900,000 investment to purchase small amazon brands, and to build a “superstore” of many brands, and grow it to become a 7 figure company and beyond.

He has 100 things going on from closing purchases to operating the business to hiring and managing staff. His staff is great but they aren’t Amazon specialists, and the cost of finding, retaining, and training, this type of talent is cost prohibitive and difficult.

Arty has 5 current Amazon Accounts/Brands and there’s also something going wrong inside. His local employees are smart but they are not experts. As problems pile up and they keep ending up on his desk, he seeks a solution for the technical side of Amazon Seller Central.

Enter Seller Candy. The local employees work within their limits, and offload all technical issues to Seller Candy. These issues are smashed, the team has time to do their job, and Arty and focus on purchasing more brands and fueling his vision.