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Now an Official Amazon Service Provider!

Aaron: The Marketing Employee

Aaron is a marketing manager for a large beauty brand.  He is responsible for everything from Shopify orders, to customer service, to Amazon storefront creation.  Aaron is not an Amazon specialist, but he is tasked with managing the company’s brand on the Amazon platform as part of his job.

Instead of spending his time improving the branding, optimizing marketing, and focusing on revenue growing activities, Aaron finds himself spending every morning arguing with Amazon Seller Support, and dealing with listings being shut down that he cannot re-activate.  The Amazon store is losing revenue, and it’s distracting him from Shopify and direct sales.

As an employee making thousands of dollars per month, it’s a waste of his time to sit in Amazon’s seller platform all day and sort through operations hiccups.  It’s a huge fee for a company to pay for this activity as well, when they need someone driving revenue.

This is the perfect match for seller candy — Aaron sees an issue in Seller Central, and submits it to SC.  He then gets back to marketing activities.  A few hours or 1 day later, his issue is solved and he spends less than 5 minutes thinking about it.