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Now an Official Amazon Service Provider!

Customer Success Story: Aaron Saraac

“We stopped worrying about any problem with Amazon. Seller Candy is the problem solver.”

Aaron’s Results 

  • Faster resolutions to seller issues
  • Significant reimbursements for lost items
  • No more time wasted with Amazon Seller Support
  • Massive time savings for staff

How Seller Candy helped Aaron save time and focus on his core business

  • Prioritized support ticket system
  • Experts at resolving Amazon account issues
  • Account audits to avoid future issues and find optimizations
  • Up to date on the latest policy changes and best practices

What were the challenges you had before you started working with Seller Candy?

I’m Aaron Saraac from Pointis, an e-commerce company in the UK specializing in ceramics, porcelain, and home textile goods on Amazon. 

We have a team of eight people in the office, and most of them are struggling with Amazon support. It is not easy to reach an agreement with them, and they are not helpful. 

Most of the time, we don’t even get responses to our emails! 

Did you have any doubts about starting with Seller Candy?

We had some doubts, mainly because many companies provide such services. Most of the time, they don’t have a ticket follow-up system, or they don’t know how to prioritize tickets. 

Seller Candy has set up an excellent system for following up on requests. They know how to prioritize requests and address the most critical issues immediately. 

What was your eureka moment?

The first thing Seller Candy does for you is an account audit. In the audit, they find any items that have been lost in Amazon warehouses and ask for a reimbursement. 

In the first month, we used Seller Candy, we got more back in reimbursements than we paid for their service! They really work their magic with Amazon.

How did Seller Candy help you?

We had some problems with account health in Amazon, and they have consulted with us to sort them out. Now we have no issues at all with Amazon, and everything is running smoothly.

Being free from these Amazon support issues allows us to focus on our core business. Our staff are happy, and I am thrilled! 

Now I don’t worry about any problems with Amazon. Seller Candy does that for me. 

Would you recommend Seller Candy?

I would definitely recommend Seller Candy, and I do recommend it to my friends and even competitors! 

The best thing about Seller Candy is their knowledge of how to interact with Amazon Seller Support, and they know how to get Amazon to take action and resolve issues.